Publication Date

Winter 1971


Environmental Education [p] 2
Plant Descriptions [p] 3
When Daughter Buys Clothes [p] 4
Pasture Interseeding [p] 7
Tree Planting by Chemical Fallow [p] 11
Southern Corn Leaf Blight [p] 14
Heated Corn, Cooled Alfalfa [p] 16
Economic Development Theory [p] 18
Roving Research Laboratory [p] 20
Farm Pond Winterwill [p] 22
Abortion in Cattle [p] 24
Families of Children in Head Start [p] 25
Damage from Unseen Parasites [p] 28
Bull Selection Most Important [p] 30
Comparing Hay Storage Methods [p] 31
Wild Buckwheat Control [p] 33
80,000 Corn Plants Per Acre [p] 35
Beef Cattle Research Review [p] 35
A Search for Winter Hardiness [p] 36
Growth Regulation by Temperature? [p] 39
Twinning in Beef Cattle [p] 43


Frank J. Shideler


South Dakota State University



South Dakota Farm & Home Research

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Agriculture Commons



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