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This data set is related to a manuscript submitted to the journal Frontiers in Plant Science.

The VRS-F2 diploid population was produced by selfing a single F1 (16_9_2) developed from a cross between V. riparia Michx. (seed parent, ‘Manitoba 37’, PI#588289) and V. sp. ‘Seyval blanc’ (pollen parent, VIVC#11558) (Fennell et al., 2005). Six-year-old potted VRS-F2 vines for this study were cycled annually through the greenhouse and cold storage in South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD (44.31̊ N, 96.80̊ W). The ecodormant vines were root pruned and repotted in soil, perlite, and peat growing medium (1:2:2 by volume) and grown five months, induced into dormancy by natural short daylengths and returned to cold storage after harvesting canes.

Data set contains :
Manuscript and Methods,
Root traits defined,
Grapevine adventitious root data


South Dakota State University