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The lives of my ancestors were often venturesome, sometimes dangerous and occasionally deadly. The Crozier Clan, who lived in Scotland, killed and stole from their neighbors on both sides of the border with England. In the 1600’s they emigrated to Ireland and in the 1700’s on to America, settling in the wilds of New York and serving in the Revolutionary War. Other Crozier ancestors pioneered in Illinois and Iowa and some served in the Civil War. One shirttail relative killed, with his bare fists, two brothers who had assaulted him for romancing their sister. On my maternal grandmother’s side of the family, the Tschepen men were noblemen’s gamekeepers for several generations. In the late 1800s, when my grandmother and her sister came to America, they crossed the Atlantic while other ship passengers died from cholera and were buried at sea. Unfortunately, there are only a few anecdotal fragments about these adventurous ancestors to be passed down through the generations and enjoyed by their descendants, Although my life has not been as interesting as my ancestors by any stretch of imagination, it has been full of some experiences that I wish to pass on to my descendants, thus this memoir -- with all of its detail. The recollections in this memoir are about my outdoor experiences and as a professional wildlife manager, a career I loved. These recollections range from my days as a youth through nearly fifty years of association with the National Wildlife Refuge System. The recounted memories of a man at age 71 are much like life; sometimes wearisome, sometimes flawed, sometimes redundant and occasionally unique and interesting. Consequently, potential readers should take that into account. They should review the table of contents then browse through the stories or chapters to look for parts that appeal to them. Some stories in this book are about living my dreams as an employee of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and pursuing my aspirations, including those of improving the National Wildlife Refuge System or parts of it, thus the title of this book – DREAM HUNTER


WingSpan Press, Livermore, CA


Copyright © 2006 by Edward S. Crozier All rights reserved.

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