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This book, "Grant County in the World War," is in the nature of a memorial, in honor of the hundreds of young men of the county by whom we were represented in the . . Army, Navy and Marine Corps during the great struggle for world freedom- to preserve for the perusal of future generations, the record of the sacrifices they made, for their country, and for free government and civilization everywhere. Forty years from now when the boy who marched in the ranks of the armies of democracy, and who saved the world from the blighting cur e of militarism, and despotism, are old and gray, there will have come into being another generation, to whom the story of the great world struggle will be a matter of history. The young people of that day will know of the daring deed of their forebears only as they read of them in book - or hear some old soldier tell of them- an echo of the distant past. The purpose of this book then, is to keep the record fresh and clear, more for the benefit of the future, than for present generations. As well as the sacrifice of the boy, the noble work of the mothers and fathers, and other, who were left at home, and who loyally and faithfully backed the armies in the field, we have felt, should be preserved for the coming year, and because of this conviction, we have endeavored to include a much information a possible concerning the "stay at homes."

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World War, 1914-1918 -- South Dakota -- Grant County
South Dakota -- Militia
Grant County (S.D.) -- Biography


Grant County Review


Milbank, S.D.


Military History | United States History


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In The World War,  1917-1918-1919, Grant County, South Dakota



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