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Background: Regional communities and economic development rely on businesses and entrepreneurs to provide goods, services, jobs, and overall economic growth. Engineering students at a rural Midwestern US university are equipped with engineering backgrounds and problem-solving competencies that make them familiar with new product development and prepare them for entrepreneurship.
Purpose/Hypothesis: This study explores the senior engineering students' perceptions of entrepreneurship, creativity, risk-taking, and the extent to which entrepreneurship plays a role in their career plans.
Design/Method: The study utilizes an assessment tool that measures three mindset domains: entrepreneurship self-efficacy, creativity, and risk-taking behaviors.
Results: The study’s findings showed that the readiness for entrepreneurship varies among senior engineering students; however, most of them preferred working for established businesses rather than being an entrepreneur as a career choice.
Conclusions: The author discusses the entrepreneurial ecosystem already established in the region and advocates for entrepreneurship education within engineering programs at this university as a potential solution for the region to obtain its strategic economic development goals.


South Dakota State University


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