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Office of University Relations and the College of Engineering, South Dakota State University

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Spring 2007

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[Page] 2 'Historic Day' at Jerome Lohr Structures Lab: October 25, 2006, is a day Nadim Wehbe will long remember.
[Page] 4 Jason Zemlicka: A former city road crew worker helps with bridge girder testing.
[Page] 5 Mountain Plains Consortium: SDSU accepted into a regional university transportation center.
[Page] 6 Turning grass into gas: Mechanical engineers help in researching new energy source.
[Page] 8 Weapons research: SDSU, four partners developing fatigue odometer sensor for military.
[Page] 9 A Ph.D. in ME?: The State Legislature is being asked to approved a doctorate in mechanical engineering.
[Page] 10Homestake Mine: SDSU has deep hopes for an underground science lab in the Black Hills.
[Page] 12 Creating engineering interests: Middle and high school girls targeted. [Page] 14 ACE & YEA camps: A week at SDSU gives teens a glimpse of future careers.
[Page] 16 Faculty outreach seminars: Seminars fill role in educating professionals. [Page] 18 Making the 'college try' possible: Citibank helps fund Native American program.
[Page] 19 Phonathon record: Slow start doesn't keep students from hitting record total.
[Page] 20 Grad student profiles: Amanda Boushek, Alfred Furth, and Cory Mettler. [Page] 22 ASCE honors: Community service helps chapter gain another zone award.
[Page] 23 Senior Design Conference: A summary of the thirty-five projects undertaken.
[Page] 46 Solar power in the wild: Electrical engineering class sets up solar power system.
[Page] 27 Faculty News
[Page] 28 New faculty
[Page] 29 Distinguished: Honored alums and engineers profiled.
[Page] 38 Justin Petersen: Engineer seeks master's degree while holding Banner job.
[Page] 44 Dick Bue: CEalum is a prime example of engineering versatility.


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