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Office of University Relations and the College of Engineering, South Dakota State University

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Spring 2011

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[Page] 2 Dealing with budget cuts: Dean Lewis Brown explains why the College needed to cut programs and people.
[Page] 6 Father, daughter, and Uncle Sam: Associate Dean Richard Reid and senior math student Lindsey Reid share the same address, but their experiences in Iraq were as different as 2003 and 2010.
[Page] 8 The choice of more top scholars: More of state’s top students are applying here. In 2009, scholarships were offered to forty students with thirty or better ACT scores; thirty-four of them accepted the offer.
[Page] 10 Rising female enrollment: Female enrollment at the College has grown 55 percent between 2007 and 2010. What’s behind this surprising statistic? One big reason—the atmosphere on campus.
[Page] 12 Our research portfolio: Research initiatives have grown from $2 million in 2005 to $6 million in 2010. Dennis Helder, now the associate dean of research, gives a fly-by tour of departmental work.
[Page] 16 Jet fuel: Biomass may be able to fuel our military jets. Professor Alex Moutsoglou is researching it.
[Page] 18 Sustainable energy minor: Students interested in working in the wind energy or ethanol industry can now groom themselves for that after Regents approve a new minor.
[Page] 19 National spotlight: The Engineering Technology & Management program graduated 111 students in 2009. That ranks the program sixteenth in the nation and tops in the Midwest.
[Page] 20 Fast growing: Between 2005 and 2008, the College went from eighty-nine to 162 baccalaureate graduates. That 82 percent growth is the second fastest in the nation.
[Page] 22 Helping Oglala Lakota College: State partners with Mines to help the tribal college develop a pre-engineering curriculum within five years.
[Page] 23 Becoming an inspector: When professors become trained as evaluators, it’s easier for programs to become accredited. So far, nine programs are accredited.
[Page] 24 Nadim Wehbe: Structure lab coordinator named College’s Distinguished Researcher.
[Page] 25 Dean’s Advisory Council: Bender, Englund, Hendrickson, Hoellein, Metzer added.
[Page] 26 Facilities update: A new Mathematics and Science Building is on the drawing board, but the addition to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building is under way.
[Page] 28 A formula for growth: New courses plus new degree options and new employment opportunities equal increased enrollment. The byproduct? More office space.
[Page] 30 College consolidates: Dennis Helder, Rich Reid take new roles in streamlined College.
[Page] 31 Steve Hietpas: New head of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
[Page] 32 Faculty news: Celebration of Faculty Excellence, tenure, other awards, Svec retirement.
[Page] 36 Engineers Without Borders: Group reactivated, plans summer trip to Bolivia.
[Page] 40 Tyler Duffy: The 4.0-electrical engineering major didn’t struggle to remember his plays as an academic all-conference running back, but he did consume a lot of power drinks.
Alumni features:
[Page] 44 Beth Kaspar
[Page] 48 Joe Thorne
[Page] 50 Roger Bigham & Melvin Miller
[Page] 52 Distinguished Engineers, Alumni


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