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Office of University Relations and the College of Engineering, South Dakota State University

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Spring 2012

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[Page] 2 The ceremony must go on: For the College of Engineering, at least, there still is a winter commencement.
[Page] 4 Delvin DeBoer: Thousands of students are thankful for a call Dwayne Rollag made to DeBoer in 1981.
[Page] 6 Lighting the way: In October 2011, Pavel Dutta completed the requirements to become the first graduate of the photovoltaics doctoral program. Two others soon followed him.
[Page] 9 Academic updates: News from software engineering, computer science, geospatial science and engineering, and computational science and statistics.
[Page] 10 Endowed professorship: Professor David Galipeau becomes the first to hold the Harold C. Hohbach Endowed Professorship in Electrical Engineering at a ceremony attended by the 1943 alumnus.
[Page] 12 Office of Engineering Research: A new office is filled by a familiar face—Dennis Helder, an electrical engineering professor.
[Page] 14 Construction update: Phase II of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building will be dedicated April 27 with groundbreaking set for summer 2013 on an Architecture, Mathematics, and Engineering Building on the east side of Solberg Hall.
[Page] 16 Bruce Berdanier: The head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering was named a fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers in July 2011.
[Page] 17 Nadim Wehbe: The head of the Jerry Lohr Structures Lab was named a fellow in the American Concrete Institute March 18.
[Page] 18 Dennis Helder: On February 21 he became the College’s first distinguished professor.
[Page] 19 Vital statistics: A quick look at enrollment, degrees, facilities, funding, and scholarships.
[Page] 20 New faculty: Kenneth Bertolini, Gregory DeRynck, Nancy Duran, Thomas Froke, Zachary Gutzmer, Carri Hales, Katherine Heiberger, Michele Kuester, Jason Prout, Jon Puetz, Paul Weist.
[Page] 22 Faculty news: Delvin DeBoer, Daniel Kemp.
[Page] 24 Retiring faculty: Pat Emmons, Mylo Hellickson, Howard Nielsen, Mary Tolle.
[Page] 25 Dean’s Advisory Council: Richard “Dick” Gustaf and Wanda Reder join the group.
[Page] 26 Joint Engineering Council: Nontrad Ken Lewno, 44, embraces the responsibility of heading the council, which has experienced a new level of participation.
[Page] 29 Ben Jasinski: Electrical engineering graduate leaps to NCAA postgraduate scholarship.
[Page] 30 SAE formula car: Work on the car begins in late August and takes the full school year.
[Page] 32 Quarter-scale tractor: In 2011, SDSU had an entry in the national contest for the first time since 2004. The team learned a lot and made some great pork kabobs.
[Page] 34 Emily Miller: There’s no skating around this, the electrical engineering major is talented.
[Page] 35 A grave matter: ASCE students perform community service at the Aurora cemetery.


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