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Office of University Relations and the College of Engineering, South Dakota State University

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Summer 2004

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[Page] 2 Expo's physics wizard captures attention of high schoolers: The "Wonders of Science" never get old for Professor Larry Browning.
[Page] 4 Science and Engineering Fair: The campus attracts nearly 500budding scientists every year
[Page] 6 Key donation, cooperation create observatory at Oak Lake: Two remotely controlled telescopes will be in operation the fall.
[Page] 8 A Storry worth telling: Co-workers and former students remember late dean Junis Storry.
[Page] 10 Math Professor Ken Yocom isn't about to retire: Long-time department head has taken a new position.
[Page] 12 Dennis Loban is remembered for quality and precise work
[Page] 13 George Duffey may be retired, but he is not finished writing
[Page] 15 Howard Nielsen sharpens the skills of a MATHCOUNTS team
[Page] 16 Mike Ropp can now measure the speed of wind at more places
[Page] 19 Derek Hengeveld and Mike Twedt are draft a new energy code
[Page] 20 Jordan Williams wins the Barry Goldwater Scholarship
[Page] 22 For the second time in six years, SDSU claims the Ridgway
[Page] 23 Civil engineering club again claims community service honors
[Page] 24 Seven students spend spring break in Manchester, England
[Page] 26 Hassoun, Micko, Morgan named Distinguished Engineers
[Page] 28 From Briggs to Morgan, a list of all Distingui bed Engineers
[Page] 30 Seven engineering grads used in SDSU television campaign
[Page] 47 Col. Beth Kaspar salutes her alma mater
[Page] 30-35 Dean's Club
[Page] 36-46 Donors


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