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decision aid, patient satisfaction, inpatient, provider, and communication


Introduction. If communication between patients and providers is improved, patients have better outcomes because of adhering to medications and treatments. Evidence Summary. Poor communication can lead to unnecessary readmissions and decreased quality of care. Decision aid tools assist patients in compiling thoughts and questions for providers, lead to a higher understanding of the plan of care, and can help patients to clarify confusing components of the treatment plan. Tools that improve communication between patients and providers lead to an increase in patient satisfaction. The HCAHPS survey is a measurement of patient satisfaction. Gaps in Literature. There were no articles found that explored the relationship of decision aid tools and the specific aspect of patient satisfaction scores with communication. Although decision aids improve patient and provider communication, exploring the impact on HCAHPS patient satisfaction with communication with the provider has not been explored. Recommendations for Practice. Decision aid tools encourage patients to participate in their own care, which leads to better outcomes, especially in management of chronic conditions. The Dear Provider tool is an easy to use, cost-effective way to improve communication and increase patient satisfaction.

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Patient satisfaction.
Communication in medicine.
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