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Background: Discharge education that is patient-centered and started in a timely manner provides patients with the knowledge to care for themselves in the home setting and prevent adverse outcomes from occurring.
Methods: A discharge education protocol was implemented on a cardiology inpatient unit. The registered nurses were given a discharge checklist that focused on education and discharge planning with the patient within 24 hours of admission. Patients completed a survey that measured satisfaction of staff education. Surveys were collected for 10 weeks pre-intervention and compared with surveys 10 weeks post-intervention. Data was collected on the time of discharge with the intention the patients would discharge by noon.
Results: Post-implementation scores in each category were lower when compared to preimplementation due to means being higher pre-implementation. Discharge time improved from 1506 to 1428 post-implementation with the use of the discharge checklist.
Discussion: Checklists have been found to help formalize and standardize the discharge process, despite the lack of significant change in pre-and post-implementation, discharge time improved.
Implications for Practice: Staff stated it would be beneficial to place the checklist in the electronic medical record to serve as a daily reminder and have education provided inperson rather than via email.

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Patient education.
Health facilities -- Discharge planning.
Hospitals -- Admission and discharge.
Patient satisfaction.
Patient discharge instructions.
Heart -- Diseases -- Patients

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