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Background: Promoting physical activity in weight management patients promotes better patient outcomes.
Methods: Weight management clinic patients were enrolled in the 6-week Walk with Ease (WWE) program. At the first session, each participant’s walking distance was measured over a 20-minute timeframe using pedometers. WWE group met 3 times weekly for six weeks for walking activities and with education on movement, mobility, and strength. At each session, the walking distance of participants was measured over 20 minutes. Race, gender and age descriptive were also collected.
Results: Statistical tests included the Friedman Test, ANOVA, and linear regression were calculated at the 5% level. Data over the course of 6 weeks showed increased steps taken with p-value of .03ⅇ-05. The ANOVA test Discussion: Even with a small sample size, the program improved steps taken and was well received by participants through attendance and feedback. A structured walking program promoted activity in daily routines and educated patients how to move forward with walking and other exercise in the future. Implications for Practice: The walking program helped initiate exercise changes in patients who were otherwise generally inactive and not involved in an exercise routine. WWE provided an opportunity for patients to see where they started, track improvement over a number of weeks, and reach a goal that leads to a more active lifestyle.

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Fitness walking.
Weight loss.
Physical fitness.
Walking -- Therapeutic use.
Reducing exercises.


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