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Background: The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends screening for prediabetes using a validated assessment tool in asymptomatic adults starting at age 35. An effective process to raise screening numbers to identify those at risk of prediabetes and diabetes is needed to provide quality care.
Methods: Nursing staff were educated on use of the risk assessment tool and principles of motivational interviewing (MI). Utilizing the ADA risk assessment tool identified those at risk. Nursing staff completed MI with individuals who scored 5 or higher. A readiness for change survey was completed by patients after receiving MI. Additionally, individuals received education on risk prevention and were offered referral to a health coach.
Results: A total of 134 individuals age 35 and older who were scheduled for an annual wellness or medication management appointment completed the prediabetes risk test, with 83 (62%) scoring 5 or higher, which placed them at risk for prediabetes. This is statistically significantly higher than 50% of the population being at risk for prediabetes.
Discussion: Early detection and intervention for prediabetes are crucial for prevention or delay of onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Clinical significance was achieved by increasing awareness and knowledge of prediabetes.
Implications for Practice: A standardized process for a prediabetes risk assessment may improve awareness and long-term health outcomes for individuals at risk.


South Dakota State University


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