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Office of University Marketing and Communications, South Dakota State University

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Winter 2015

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Impacting Public Health - SDSU’s role improving the state’s health
[Page] 2 — Students work on Crow Creek reservation.
[Page] 6 — Strengthening Native American families to help youth.
[Page] 8 — Using cultural traditions to help Native Americans.
[Page] 10 — Caring for the mind, body and spirit.
[Page] 11 — College receives Impact Award.
[Page] 12 — Examining smoke-free policies.

Department news
[Page] 14- Eight join college’s faculty.
[Page] 15- Former dean, alums receive honors.
[Page] 16- Minton moves into associate dean role.
[Page] 24- Worth receives college’s distinguished service award.

Student News
[Page]18- DNP students experience rural life.
[Page] 20- Hinsch, Kittelsrud receive Jonas Scholarships.
[Page] 20- Goodales create an endowed scholarship for an outstanding scholar.

Alumni news
[Page] 21- Romness Foster and Relf named SDSU Distinguished Alumni.
[Page] 22- Teamwork still part of Mason’s life 25 Dean’s Club.
[Page] 25- Stacey Tait-Goodale Help celebrate the college’s 80th anniversary.


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