Identifying a Nurse-Driven Palliative Care Intervention in Response to the Needs of Rural Native American Caregivers

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Purpose/Background: Native American and rural patients with cancer and their caregivers (FCGs) face many barriers to receiving culturally responsive PC. The study purpose was to compare a literature review on Native American and rural FCGs with the findings of a qualitative study among healthcare professionals who deliver cancer care to a Native American and rural population. Framework: This study was guided by Pearlin’s Caregiving Stress Process Model which accounts for primary and secondary stressors of caregiving as well as the mediators of coping and social support. Methods: A literature review of articles retrieved from PubMed, CINAHL, and EBSCOhost and a thematic analysis of eighteen multidisciplinary healthcare professionals delivering cancer care at a rural cancer institute in the Great Plains region were conducted. Results: Priority themes described by the healthcare professionals and the literature included: access, support, and awareness. Consideration of these core needs, coupled with the individual cultural circumstance, is critical in addressing disparities faced by many Native American and rural FCGs. Conclusions: Nurses are integral to the successful development and integration of a culturally responsive wraparound PC model respecting Native American and rural culture for those impacted by cancer. Assimilation of the needs and circumstances of FCGs is evident and should influence the desired outcomes of the model. Implications for Nursing: Themes discovered in this study guide the format of a culturally responsive PC wraparound model. Augmentation of current community healthcare programs can be achieved through the partnership of community, tribal, state, and federal leadership in conjunction with a formal PC team.

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Abstracts from the Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) 2024 Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota





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