Relationship Between Self-care Agency, Self-care Practices and Obesity among Rural Midlife Women

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Purpose: To examine the relationship between self-care (SCA), self-care practice (SCP), and obesity among rural midlife women. Background: Obesity is a world-wide health concern. Selfcare practices are linked to obesity reduction, yet no prior studies of the relationships between self-care and obesity among rural midlife women were identified. This study applied Orem's Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory and Rural Nursing Theory as the theoretical frameworks. Method: A predictive correlational design was used. Participants completed demographic and basic conditioning factors (BCFs) data, Denyes Self-care Agency Instrument (DSCAI-90©) and Denyes Self-care Practice Instrument (DSCPI-90©). Anthropometric measurements were height and weight. A predictive model of self-care in rural midlife women was constructed based on Orem's theory and rural nursing theory. Results: Participants were 224 ambulatory rural women, ages 40-64 years, from 10 northern counties of an upper plains state. Mean age was 52 years. Mean body mass index (BMI) was 29.2. Education and health status were facilitators to SCA with smoking as a barrier. Education, employment and health status were identified as facilitators of SCP with smoking and chronic illness as barriers. Self-care agency predicted selfcare. The hypothesized model was tested and revised. BMI had the greatest direct effect on SCA. Self-care agency had the greatest direct effect on SCP. No significant relationship was found between SCA, SCP and distance to healthcare provider. A negative relationship was found between chronic diseases and SCP, but not SCA. Qualitative data identified the meaning of health, self-care and impact of distance on access to healthcare in rural midlife women. Conclusion: By capitalizing on the facilitators and minimizing the barriers to SCA and SCP, nursing may tailor interventions to address obesity. The model suggested new knowledge of the relationships of SCA, SCP and BMI in rural midlife women.

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