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Cancer One word that bears immense significance for so many individuals For some, it is the word that took them by surprise, imposing new routines and adjustments to daily life as quickly and succinctly as it rolls off the tongue For others, the word evokes complex and multifaceted emotions fear, strength, apathy, gratitude, anger, hope, grief, determination the list is endless and ever changing The impact of this diagnosis extends far beyond the patient to their family, their care team, their community and more In 2017 there will be an estimated 1 688 780 new cancer cases diagnosed in the United States 1 Of those diagnosed, every cancer journey will be unique Standard differences in cancer site, stage, treatment modalities and outcomes, coupled with variances in patient age, receptivity to treatments, and patient preference of therapies compels oncologists and cancer care teams to design treatment plans patient by patient, providing a vastly individualized and intricate approach to the treatment of cancer With the complexities involved across the cancer care continuum, the need emerged for trained individuals uniquely qualified to assist patients, providers, and families navigate this expounded realm of cancer care From this need arose the field of patient navigation








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