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Summer 2008

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[Page] 2 Grab a hard hat Demolition of pharmacy building is under way.
[Page] 4 At home in the Barn Faculty offices occupy what were locker rooms.
[Page] 6 Jackrabbit Pharmacy The College regains operation of the campus Rx. [Page] 8 Gary Omodt Retired prof recalls structures exams, adapting teaching styles.
[Page] 10 Health Sciences Alliance Goals for partnership with USD established. [Page] 11 Matt Lavin The 1996 graduate is honored as Preceptor of the Year.
[Page] 12 Brian Kaatz After six years as dean, he is to head the School of Health Sciences.
[Page] 13 Jim Clem Scratch acting from his title as Pharmacy Practice department head.
[Page] 14 Dennis Hedge The new associate dean also will be the acting dean. [Page] 15 Roger Clemens Pitcher’s lawyer team seeks input from Eric Kutscher. [Page] 16 A visit from Egypt A visiting professor studies under Omathanu Perumal.
[Page] 17 Staff news Gareth Davies teacher of year; Melanie Lunn, Jolene Landmark.
[Page] 18 IPPE This new acronym translates to 120 hours of practical experience.
[Page] 19 Making a leader Students hear from Gary Karel, Paul Sinclair, Pam Harris.
[Page] 20 New graduates Another sixty-one PharmD grads are ready to begin work.
[Page] 22 DeAnna Visser A nontraditional student from Sioux Falls is distinguished grad.
[Page] 23 White Coat ceremony Students urged to follow their professional calling.
[Page] 24 Scholarships, student awards For incoming P2, P3, and P4 students. [Page] 26 Kappa Psi turns 50 Brothers from throughout the decades return for big day.
[Page] 28 Where are they now? Checking in with the first PharmD graduates.
[Page] 31 Carv Thompson This Alumnus of the Year is still putting on a show.
[Page] 32 Phyllis Zenk Heilman siblings make an impact in South Dakota pharmacy field.
[Page] 36 Phonathon Duplus donors help College hit a record with its Phonathon.


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