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Winter 2013

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[Page] 2 Dr. Dwivedi retires Leaving a legacy of great accomplishment.
[Page] 7 Interprofessional education Students join forces to improve health outcomes.
[Page] 8 Faculty scholar award Faculty scholar award helps bridge gap between lab, marketplace.
[Page] 9 Where are they now? Ph.D. Grads: In U.S., China, India teaching, doing research.
[Page] 12 Technology in practice lab SimMan makes students think critically.
[Page] 13 Teaching certificate Teaching certificate helps pharmacists in workplace, classroom.
[Page]14 Keo Glidden Smith fall convocation Scripps scientist details therapeutic research.
[Page] 16 VALOR program VALOR internship: the residency before the residency. [Page] 17 Alumnus of the Year Marion Ehrich, 1968 grad honored for vet school work.
[Page] 18 Scholarships
[Page] 20 New faculty Tarryn Jansen and Sandy Olson.
[Page] 21 Academic Assessment Jane Mort reports.
[Page] 22 Department of Pharmacy Practice James Clem reports.
[Page] 23 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Chandradhar Dwivedi reports.
[Page] 24 Dean’s Club
[Page] 25 Development director’s column Stacey Kutil reports.


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