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Padmapriya “Priya” Swaminathan is a Clinical Bioinformatics Analyst with the Genomics Oncology research team led by Dr. Tobias Meissner at the Avera Cancer Institute Center for Precision Oncology. She specializes in transcriptomics, genomic pathway analysis and visualization. She uses her expertise to visualize and associate cancer pathways enriched in specific patient samples in N-of-1 setting and thus helps the goal of developing personalized cancer treatments for each patient. Priya obtained her Master’s degree in Statistics with bioinformatics specialization from South Dakota State University in 2014. She worked as a bioinformatics research associate in the same university until 2019. She performed differential gene expression analysis of various datasets and helped uncover potential mechanisms associated with plant survival under extreme environments and mouse macrophage cell differentiation. In her current role, she also supports development and testing of Clinical Trial App and contributes her expertise to other projects. She would like to develop research interests in machine learning and tumor microbiome and contribute to novel solutions in the field of Precision Medicine.