David Groeneveld, Advanced Remote Sensing, Inc. (ARSI)


David recently moved to the Sioux Falls area from Santa Fe, New Mexico, coming here specifically to start a business in 2018. His previous startup, HydroBio, built on a long career consulting in issues concerning water, environment and remote sensing. HydroBio developed his patented irrigation prescription method that employs weather and satellite image data to accurately estimate crop water use found to be as accurate for irrigation prescription as soil probes in every pixel of the field. That IP is now irrigating around the world for Bayer. For Advanced Remote Sensing, Inc. (ARSI), David’s vision is to solve the most vexing problem in satellite remote sensing for agriculture; noise-inducing effects from the atmosphere that prevent many potential low-cost revolutionary applications. ARSI was funded by NSF and USDA SBIR Phase I programs in 2019. In 2020, with two anticipated SBIR Phase II awards, ARSI will complete an atmospheric correction algorithm and begin application of game changing solutions for agriculture.