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Entrepreneurship and the opportunity for individuals to own and operate their ii own small business, define the American way of life and serve as symbols for capitalism and personal achievement. Entrepreneurs, through their innovation, ingenuity and determination have provided the world with goods and services since the dawn of civilization. In no other country has the entrepreneurial spirit been· allowed to flourish or shape cultural events quite like it has in the United States. Since the country's founding, the U.S. has taken particular interest in individual freedom and personal achievement, allowing entrepreneurism to flourish and the American dream to be born. As the 40th state to be admitted to the greater United States, South Dakota shares its entrepreneurial history with the U.S. and has taken aggressive steps to secure its rich heritage through education and programs designed to foster entrepreneurial endeavors. South Dakota has given those who strive for personal achievement the means and direction to obtain a piece of the American dream. In the spirit of entrepreneurial research and the desire to one day have a piece of the American dream, it is the purpose of this study to present a formal business plan for a South Dakota based manufacturing firm, specializing in the production of paintball markers.



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