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This brief review indicates that the United States has experienced several specific geopolitical problems with the principal suppliers of chromite ore during the relatively recent past. It also indicates that a collective problem has occurred with only two of these suppliers, Rhodesia and South Africa. This lack of unification as regards specific difficulties between the United States and the major supplying nations makes a meaningful, long-term denial of chromite ore unlikely under presently existing international conditions. There is, however, one possible exception to this conclusion which must be mentioned. That is the extremely unlikely occurrence of large scale armed hostilities where military intervention would be employed. Should this occur, the distant geographic location of all chromite ores and the necessity to transport them by waterborne carrier could present a severe limitation to imports. Many factors which are beyond the scope of this paper would affect the success of such a campaign. The purpose of this paper is to identify it as a possible constraint on ore supplies and suggest it as an area requiring additional study.



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