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agricultural economics, farming system, crop enterprises, alternative farming


This report is a product of the initial year of research under South Dakota State University (SDSU) Agricultural Experiment Station Project H-076. entitled "Economics of Farming Systems Alternatives in Eastern South Dakota". The overall objective of this research project is to determine the economic practicality in eastern South Dakota of "alternative" farming systems which may entail less use of chemical fertilizers. pesticides. and herbicides than do "conventional" systems. The initial step in achieving that overall objective is to make preliminary estimates of crop enterprise and farming system costs and returns. We have done this for two sets of farming systems being studied by the SDSU Plant Science Department at the Northeast Research Station near Watertown. S.D. As the Plant Science Department research continues over a period of years at the Northeast Station. crop enterprise budgets will be adjusted to reflect new yield. cropping practice. etc. information. We also expect to develop farming system budgets for other parts of eastern South Dakota.


Economics Research Report 87-5