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farmland, land markets, agricultural economics, real estate, rangeland


This report examines statewide and regional trends in agricultural land Use tract size and sale price characteristics of farm real estate tracts sold in South Dakota. Statewide and regional information is presented on characteristics of tracts sold from 1971 through 1983 by their distribution of total. cropland and pasture/rangeland acres. Statewide and regional information is also presented on farm real estate sale price trends from January 1971 through June 1987. Annual price trends are presented for all farmland and by land use classification (mostly cropland. majority cropland and majority pasture/rangeland acres). This information was developed from a computerized data base of more than 15000 farm real estate transactions provided by the Federal Land Bank of Omaha. This report is a companion report to the report South Dakota Farmland Values and Sale Prices which emphasizes information on long term trends (1910- 1982) in farmland values state-wide and by region and recent (1975-1987) farmland sale price trends by region and county (Janssen. 1988).


Economics Research Report 88-2