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irrigation, South Dakota, livestock


Irrigation development has been and will continue to be a key issue facing the people of the state of South Dakota. As irrigated acreage increases, benefits accrue throughout the State. The irrigator's income earning potential is expanded and income variability is reduced as drought impacts on yields are ameliorated. In addition, a more stable, larger quantity of feed can be produced for livestock production. This may allm-1 for expansion in the livestock industry or less importation of feedstuffs into an area. The nonfarm economy may also benefit from irrigation development. Since irrigation requires the purchase of more inputs such as seed and fertilizer, allows for the feeding of more livestock and enhances consumption of nondurable and durable goods, what is the impact of develment on the State's economy? It has been hypothesized and generally accepted that as irrigators increase purchases and sales, turnover or multiplier effects on the State's economy are positive. The magnitude of these turnover effects on South Dakota's economy, however, is not agreed upon.


Economics Research Report No. 82-1