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irrigation, South Dakota, crop production


Irrigation development in all of South Dakota has received much attention in the past years. Today several major water development projects are being considered. These projects include both surface and groundwater resources. That some development, whether public or private, will take place seems to be a foregone conclusion. In order for individual crop producers to decide whether to adopt irrigation technology or not requires an evaluation of profit potential with and without irrigation on their land resource. Most potential irrigators have personal records from which to derive dryland enterprise budgets to use in profit projections. Dryland producers with no irrigation experience, however, must obtain irrigated enterprise budgets from other sources. An individual irrigator is well-advised to obtain budgets from several sources, if possible, and synthesize the one which best fits this conditions. The purpose of this report is to provide one source of irrigated crop budgets for potential irrigators and others making decisions concerning irrigation technology adoption.


Economics Research Report 82-2