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This report is a result of the fuel alcohol research team's broadened focus during 1983. A comprehensive literature review was carried out to explore alternative starch and sugar crop alternatives for ethanol fuel production. Although the literature search was quite inclusive with respect to geographic regions, special emphasis was given to the agronomic and economic potential of various fuel alcohol crops in the Northern Plains region of the U.S., of which South Dakota is a part, and in LDCs of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Our intent was to thereby determine possible energy crops deserving of more fuel alcohol research attention in the Northern Plains and also provide a document of use to ourselves and others considering various crops for fuel alcohol production in LDCs. Development assistance agencies, and universities such as SDSU which work with them, must be able to assess the energy producing potential of agricultural economies, along with food and fiber producing potentials. One kind of energy production that may be technically and economically feasible in some LDCs is fuel alcohol production from starch and sugar crops. (In this report, the terms alcohol and ethanol are used interchangeably.)


Economics Research Report No. 84-1