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family farming, farm management


The success of the first "Women in Agriculture" conference, entitled "Challenging The Future", has the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service to develop the second program entitled "Balancing Family and Farm". The first conference was designed to provide women with the incentive to challenge the future of agriculture while the second conference was designed to help women learn how to balance their family life with the business of farming or ranching. The second "Women in Agriculture" (WIA) conference was held in Pierre, South Dakota in March, 1991. The overall goal of the conference was to provide women with an opportunity to enhance their farm management skills. The conference was well attended and the final evaluations reveal a high level of satisfaction with the program. This report summarizes the conference. The first part of this summary includes a brief overview of the workshops that were conducted, the keynote addresses, a summary of the final evaluation form and comments made by the women about the conference. The second part of the report will make recommendations for future topics, improvements in the conference and comments from the women concerning what they feel they have gained from the conference. The last part of this report details program development and recommendations for conference improvement from the coordination level.


Department of Economics, South Dakota State University

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