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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering

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Qi Hua Fan


computer simulation, COMSOL, ICP, material processing, plasma processing


In this work, a new parallel coil design was presented to address the need for high density inductively coupled plasmas with enhanced properties and a more uniform and consistent distribution, suitable for large-area material processing. Fluid model simulations of 3D argon inductively coupled plasma (ICP) were performed in COMSOL for the proposed coil and a conventional single cylindrical coil with the same impedance to be used as reference, to compare and evaluate the performance of this new halftoroidal parallel coil design and study its effects on the main variables of the generated plasma. Through different comparisons of the simulations results, it was shown that using the new half-toroidal coil has the advantage of a higher and more uniform power deposition over the conventional cylindrical coil, resulting in a plasma with enhanced main variables and a more even distribution than those generated by the traditional methods. These improvements in the generated plasma provide a larger effective area to be used for material processing, increasing the efficiency of the system.

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High-density plasmas -- Computer simulation.
Argon plasmas -- Computer simulation.


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