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Jessica Meendering


health coaching, meal replacements, personality style, weight loss


Purpose: To determine if personality style and an individual’s perception of their health coaching experience impact their ability to lose weight and/or maintain weight loss. Methods: An electronic survey was distributed to 20,000 current and past meal replacement program participants. Personality style was assessed via the Ten Item Personality Inventory, providing individual perceptions of each of the Big Five personality domains (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience). The Working Alliance Inventory (Short Revised) was used to assess three key perceptions of health coaching: 1) agreement on the goals of coaching (goal), 2) agreement on the tasks of coaching (task), and 3) development of an effective bond (bond). Percent of starting weight was calculated from self-reported program start weight and current weight. Individuals were excluded if they had been on the program less than one month or had missing personality or health coaching data. Linear regressions were run to determine the relationship between personality style, perception of health coaching, and percent of starting weight. Statistical significance was set at p≤0.05. Age and sex were controlled for in all analyses.
Of the 1,609 individuals included in final analyses, 1,560 (97%) experienced some degree of weight loss. Current weight ranged from 51% of starting weight to 152% of starting weight. Personality style was not associated with weight change in either direction. Goal, task and bond were positively associated with percent of starting weight (p

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Weight loss -- Psychological aspects.
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