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Background: High levels of obesity among children have become the nation’s most prevalent health condition. Individuals that live in low-income areas often face multiple risk factors that can lead to obesity. Few interventions have been conducted that include school-based nutrition education and food preparation classes that are paired with a backpack of food.
Objective: Determine if the program ingredients were used at home, if the necessary cooking tools were available and if the overall awareness and motivation to eat healthier was increased. Also, too determine if student and parent responses correlate for future research.
Methods: A convivence sample of student (n=146) and their parents (n=146) were surveyed following a school-based nutrition education, food preparation lesson, and backpack of food was provided to the students during the summer school program in lowincome areas of rural South Dakota.
Results: Findings indicate that the condensed program identified that majority of parent used the recipe and know about commodity food programs, the correct tools were available for the families to make the recipe, and the program had a positive impact on awareness and motivation of the students and their parents to eat healthier. It was also found that student and parent responses can correlate for survey questions.
Conclusion: Using the survey responses it was found that condensing the school-based nutrition education and food preparation program into a shorter timeframe will produce positive outcome results for the students and their parents.

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