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Body conformation is associated with function among all classes of livestock. Dairy cattle type deals with characteristics indicating ability to produce milk and butterfat economically along with breed character and other values of an aesthetic nature. In order to have economical milk and butterfat production, the dairy cow should possess that type of body conformation which is able to withstand the rigors of disease, reproduction and year after year milk production. A large percentage of dairy cattle sold in South Dakota and surrounding territory, whether for breeding purpose or commercial production, are evaluated primarily on the basis of their type. Since there is evidence which shows that type is correlated with production, it is important that dairymen breed toward superior type. There is a lack of sufficient data pertaining to type of South Dakota dairy animals/ since the use of artificial breeding in this state, with its possible rapid effect in changing type and production, a type evaluation experiment was designed with three considerations in mind. First: to observe the level of type of daughters and dams, second: to learn if offspring from sires used by the South Dakota Cooperative Breeders Association are superior to their dams in type, and third: to determine which sires show the greatest improvement in type.

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