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In the field of animal production, genetic characteristics determine to a large extent the quality and the economy of the cattle. To hasten the wide spread dissemination of germ plasm, many commercial farmers have resorted to artificial insemination. Artificial insemination has however, only allowed for the wide spread dissemination of germ plasm from the male. If the female germ plasm could also be more easily disseminated through the highly experimental process of ova transfer, then more than the average number of offspring could be expected from a female in her life time. Because ova transplantation is in its infancy, many problem must be solved before this process for increasing the female gametes will become practical. Superovulation or a means of stimulating those animals like the cow which usually produce one ovum at a time to produce infinitely more is paramount. Such problem as the collection of produce infinitely more is paramount. Such problem as the collection of the ova from the donor with as little upset to the donor as possible are far from perfected. In addition, even though some evidence is available that ova can be stored under highly experimental refrigerated conditions, much more information is necessary before storage is of much practical significance. And, lastly, the problem of in situ placing the transferable zygote into the genital tract of the recipient so that nidation and embryonic growth can continue is far from being well perfected. In view of the problems that confront the workers in the field of ova transfer of rabbit ova. Because of the many problem of storage most of the emphasis is directed toward the use of extremely low temperatures such as -79oc. and based on the success of using low temperatures for preserving sperm over long periods.

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