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Sixty-four Holstein calves were used in a 3 x 2 factorial experiment of 12 wk to evaluate growth performance when fed control, high starch, and high fat pelleted diets separately or with a supplemental concentrate mix offered the first 6 wk. High starch and high fat diets were formulated to .contain more digestible energy than the control diet. Calves received milk the first 5 wk, plus one of the above rations ad libitum wk 1 thru 12. The control diet contained corn, oats, and soybean meal; the high starch diet contained corn and soybean meal; while the high fat diet contained corn and an extruded whole soybean product. All pelleted diets contained 20% alfalfa-brome hay, 5% dry molasses, and 1% each of dicalcium phosphate, trace mineral salt, and antibiotic premix. The supplemental concentrate mix contained corn, oats, and soybean meal, 9% liquid molasses, minerals, and vitamins. Weight gains, feed intakes, and feed/gain ratios were similar for all 3 pelleted diets with or without the supplemental concentrate mix during wk 1 thru 5, 6 thru 12, and l thru 12. During wk 6 thru 12, average daily gains were .88, .88, and .82 kg, and dry matter intakes were 2~38, 2.38, and 2.32 kg for control, high starch, and hi9h fat diets. Average daily gains wk l thru 5 and feed intakes wk l thru 5 for calves fed or not fed the supplemental concentrate mix were .49, .47 kg and .40, .37 kg. Apparent digestibilities determined with 20 13 wk old male calves fed control, high starch, or high fat diets were similar for dry matter ( 81. 3, 77. 7, 76. 1% )' and neutral detergent fiber (50.7, 42.7, 42.5%). While they were different for energy (80~1, 76.5, 75.9%), nitrogen (83.4, 77.8, 76.1%), ether extract (89.0, 80.0, 90.0%), acid detergent fiber (48.6, 33.6, 37.3%), and ash (72.4, 65.8, 59.5%) with the control diet being most digestible for all parameters measured.

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