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David J. Schingoethe


Two rumen fistulated Holstein cows, weighing approximately 550 kg, were used in a switchback design experiment to evaluate the effects of consuming large amounts (38% of total ration dry matter) of dried whey on rumen microbial protein synthesis. Cows were fed total mixed rations consisting of (dry matter basis) 45% corn silage, 10% alfalfa hay, and 45% concentrate mix. The concentrate mix was primarily corn and soybean meal (control) or 85% dried whole whey. Dry matter intakes averaged 16.4 and 15.3 kg/day for control and whey diets. Concentrations of bacteria and protozoa in rumen contents were estimated using diaminopimelic acid and aminoethylphosphonic acid, respectively, as markers. Diaminopimelic acid-N as percent of bacterial-N was similar for both diets (.61 and .63% for control and whey diets). Likewise, aminoethylphosphonic acid-N as percent of protozoal-N was similar for both diets (.17 and .19% for control and whey diets). For the control diet, total rumen-N was estimated to be 45% bacterial-N and 27% protozoal-N. Bacterial-N and protozoal-N, respectively, accounted for 52 and 22% of the total rumen-N in the cows fed the whey diet. Rumen fluid volume (33.8 and 39.2 liters for control and dried whey diets) and dilution rates (10.2 and 12.8%/h), as estimated with polyethylene glycol, were higher when fed dried whey. Rumen ammonia (5.0 and 3.4 mg/dl) was lower when fed dried whey. Butyrate (16.5 and 24.4 moles/100 moles total volatile fatty acids) was higher while propionate was lower (32.4 and 23.2 moles/100 moles total volatile fatty acids) when fed dried whey; concentrations of other volatile fatty acids were similar with both diets. Bacterial synthesis appeared to be increased when cows were fed a diet containing large amounts of dried whey.

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