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Master of Science (MS)

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Wildlife and Fisheries Science


Black bullheads, Ictalurus melas (Rafinesque), were grown experimentally from July 25, 1969, through October 21, 1969. The fish, collected from Lake Poinsett, were grown in five cages each with a water volume of 2.6 m³ and five cages each with a volume of 3.86 m³. The larger cages contained nearly 60 percent of the total 323 m³ of water volume in the cages. No significant difference in fish growth between the two cage sizes were observed. Fish in large cages gained 204.4 Kg and were fed 1550.8 Kg of food, for a food conversion of 6.60. Fish in smaller cages gained 133.5 Kg and were fed 924.5 Kg of food with a resultant food conversion factor of 6.92. Over 75 percent of total gain occurred while water temperatures were between 23º and 24º C. More desirable food conversion factors were obtained when water temperature was above 23º C (1.14-20.1). One hundred seventy-two fish (3.6 percent) died in the larger cages while 137 (2.8 percent) fish died in the smaller cages. Of the 309 total dead, 76.3 percent died the first two weeks. No significant difference in fish condition between the two cage sizes was observed. The mean condition factor was 1.784 for the fish in the smaller cages and 1.766 for the fish in the larger cages. Fish were produced slightly more economically in the larger cages ($1.01/Kg) than in the smaller cages ($1.05/Kg).

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