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Concentration and flow of total phosphate (TP), total organic nitrogen (TON), and total organic carbon (TOC) were measured from November 9, 1971 to November 8, 1972 on the Big Sioux River, Six Mile-North Deer Creek, and Drainage M. The Big Sioux River transported 418,640 x 10 3 m3 of water, 776,880 kg TP, 599,590 kg TON, and 5,419,580 kg TOC during the study-year. Six Mile Creek transported 23,900 x 10 3 m 3 of water, 52,040 kg TP, 43,580 kg TON, and 327,860 kg of TOC. The transport of water and nutrients in Six Mile Creek per square kilometer of drainage area was 121 x 10 3 m3 of water, 264 kg TP, 221 kg TON, and 1,664 kg TOC. North Deer Creek transported 36,330 x 103 m3 of water, 66,980 kg TP, 54,400 kg TON, and 493,920 kg TOC, representing 114 x 10 3 m3 of water, 209 kg TP, 171 kg TON, and 1,548 kg TOC per square kilometer of drainage area. Drainage M during the study-year transported 1,290 x 10 3 m3 of water, 1,830 kg TP, 1,400 kg TON, and 14,260 kg TOC, representing 81 x 10 3 m3 of water, 114 kg TP, 88 kg TON, and 891 kg of TOC per square kilometer of drainage area. The contribution of nutrients and water to Six Mile Creek by Brookings, South Dakota was 4,590 x 10 3 m3 of water, 77,640 kg TP, 9,740 kg TON, and 76,020 kg TOC. This amounted to a contribution of 0.33 x I0 3 m3 of water, 5, 66 kg TP, 0.71 kg TON, and 5.54 kg TOC per person.

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Marine ecology – Big Sioux River (S.D.)
Big Sioux River (S.D.)


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