Jerry W. Hupp

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Wildlife and Fisheries Science

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John T. Ratti

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Charles G. Scalet


Gray partridge (Perdix perdix) nesting biology, summer and fall habitat utilization, home range, and food habits were studied in Brookings County, South Dakota, during 1978-79. Data were collected on a 62 km² study area 16 km northeast of Brookings. Nesting habitats, success, and clutch size were determined from 44 randomly located nests. Most nests (91%) were in grassy roadsides and fencerows. Few birds nested in cover dominated by legume vegetation. Average clutch size of completed nests was 17.8 eggs and nest success was 37%. Mammalian predation was the major cause (50%) of nesting failure. Gray partridge habitat utilization was determined usein gradio telemetry, weekly roadside surveys, and incidental observations. Twelve partridge were radio-tagged in 1979. Radio-tagged partridge primarily used small grain gields during brood rearing (22 June – 21 August). Small grain may have offered more adequate cover than other agricultural crops. During the late summer and early fall (22 August – 21 October) partridge shifted to standing row crops after harvest reduced available cover in small grains. Use of row crops declines slightly in late fall (22 October – 21 December) as radio-tagged partridge increasingly utilized pastures. Pastures may be a favored late fall habitat because they are blown free of snow and food is probably more available there than in other cover type. Fall home range of 4 radio-tagged partridge varied form 0.16-3.1 km². Crop contents from 72 and 61 birds collected in 1978-79, respectively, were examined. Insects were the predominant food during brood rearing. Consumption of cultivated grains and wild seeds increased in late summer and fall.

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