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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Dairy Science

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Robert J. Baer


Non fat ice cream was made with a mix composition of 12% milk solids-not-fat, 12% sucrose, 5% (36 dextrose equivalent) corn syrup solids, rs% (18 dextrose equivalent) maltodextrin, 0.25% stabilizer blend, and vanilla extract. Treatments were prepared by adding the following emulsifiers at 3 levels to the base mix: monoglyceride and diglyceride with 52% alpha monoglyceride content (F) at 0.15 (Fl5), 0.20 (F20), and 0.25% (F25); monoglyceride and diglyceride with 72% alpha monoglyceride content (S) at 0.15 (S 15), 0.20 (S20), and 0.25% (S25). Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (H), a food gum, was also added to the same base mix at 3 levels; 0.15 (H15), 0.20 (H20), and 0.25% (H25). A portion of the base mix was retained to serve as the control (C). The C contained no emulsifier or additional food gum and was evaluated in addition to the 9 treatments. Mixes were vat pasteurized, homogenized at 176 kg/cm2, cooled, and frozen in a batch freezer. Mix mean fat content was 0.14% and total solids was 34.16%. Results indicated differences (P < 0.05) between treatments in whipability and stability to heat shock, however there were no differences (P> 0.05) in meltdown. Ice crystal sizes were evaluated for treatments F15, F25, S 15, S25, Hl5, H25, and C during wk 1 and 12 of storage. There was about a 10 μ increase (P < 0.0S) in mean crystal size for treatments when comparing wk 1 and 12. Mean ice crystal sizes for the F and S treatments were lower (P < 0.05) than C and H. Thus addition of an emulsifier to non fat ice cream reduced the mean ice crystal size. Treatments were also evaluated for flavor, body and texture. Treatment S25 had better (P < 0.05) scores for coarse and icy, coldness intensity, and overall body, and texture, than C.

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Ice cream. ices. etc.
Gums and resins.


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