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Wildlife and Fisheries Science


Extensive data collected each year from the streams and lakes of South Dakota necessitates a computerized system with which to efficiently utilize the large amount of material. A fisheries related data storage and retrieval system (FISARS) was developed sufficiently to provide cost estimates in creating and maintaining such a system. Detailed descriptions were made to provide information in implementing and utilizing the retrieval system. A survey was made of state fish and game agencies currently operating storage and retrieval systems. This information along with comments provided by the fisheries personnel in the state of South Dakota was used as a guideline in developing the FISARS System. The FISARS System is composed of two data bases. One data base contains bibliographic reference material related to fisheries work within the state of South Dakota. The other data base contains specific data about individual bodies of water. The two data bases can operate together or individually. Estimates were made concerning the cost of coding and transferring data, keypunching and verifying, and building of both data bases. Two computer facilities are available with which the storage and retrieval systems could be used, therefore, estimates of costs in operating the system were made for each facility. The program used to build and manipulate the bibliographic data bases were written in COBOL language and access of the data base utilized the VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) method. Only the computer programs providing the actual retrievals of the data base containing lake and stream survey information need to be written to make the storage and retrieval system functional.

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Information storage and retrieval systems -- Fisheries management
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