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In 1938, the Rural Sociology Department of South Dakota State College, together with the South Dakota Works Progress Administration and the South Dakota State Department of Social Security, undertook a survey to determine the extent and cost of child dependency in South Dakota. Schedules were filled in each county of the State under the supervision of W.F. Kumlien, Professor of Rural Sociology, South Dakota State College; Dr. J.P. Johansen, now of North Dakota State College; and Robert L. McNamara. Filling and editing of the schedules, and tabulation has been carried on by the Department of Rural Sociology with employees paid by WPA. From these schedules the subject of broken homes and the assignment of dependent children to the various causes of loss of support has been investigated from the schedules by the writer. This thesis is designed to present the picture of broken home situations in South Dakota as a problem of relief and of social rehabilitation. The purpose is to discover the causes of broken home situations affecting children in relied agencies, to explore the possibilities of remedial care, both to end dependence on relief and to protect the children, and to weigh the probable effects if the various alternative programs for the care of dependent children.

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