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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Yi Liu


Mosquito-borne diseases such like malaria, is a major public health problem in the world, especially in Africa. Satellite remote sensing data that produce a wide range of environmental metrics can be used to forecast the risk of malaria, because the population of mosquitos is sensitive to temperature, rainfall, and other climatic variables which can be estimated by environmental metrics. EASTWeb is an open-source, clientbased software tool aimed at facilitating access to earth science datasets for public health researchers who lack the technical background required to undertake remote sensing studies. However, as the remote sensing data source and processing steps for mosquitoborne diseases forecasting may be updated for higher accuracy, significant changes to EASTWeb system are unavoidable.A novel EASTWeb framework is designed and implemented to allow users to more easily tailor the software for different earth science data streams. The objectives of this research are: 1. Provides a convenient way to customize the framework and applications extended from it; 2. Increases the code reusability to reduce the effort of applying this framework. EASTWeb framework keeps the four major processing steps: downloading, remote data processing, indices calculating, and summarization in the EASTWeb system, and introduces a sub-framework for each step. There is a unique plugin factory component inside the EASTWeb framework, which holds two types of plugins: atomic plugin and compound plugin. An atomic plugin takes and processes certain types of data streams by extending each sub-framework and does not depend on any other plugins. A compound plugin integrates data streams from multiple atomic plugins with other data sources. In the case study, an application with a NLDAS plugin for data stream North American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS) is constructed to demonstrate how easily the EASTWeb framework can be extended to support a new data steam. A new Scheduler is implemented to set the work order of four processing steps tasks, and execute them. EASTWeb framework allows the developer to build a highly customized EASTWeb application efficiently, by reusing the predefined functional components to reduce the effort. The EASTWeb application also can be customized by modifying its plugin metadata. Thus, the changing of downloading settings or types of indices calculating will not lead to recoding and recompiling the EASTWeb application.

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Earth sciences -- Data processing
Earth sciences -- Remote sensing
Public health Malaria -- Prevention


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