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Agronomy, Horticulture, and Plant Science


Weed control work has gone forward throughout the nation during this post war period. The work has not only been in the herbicidal field but also in the field of cleaning and processing of crop seed to be used for planting purposes. At the present time the soil of our country contains considerable weed seed without more being added through unclean crop seed. Norris (2) has shown that there were as many as 90 weed seeds in 37.8 square inches of soil to a depth of 6 inches that germinated during a single year. When calculated on an acre basis this amounted to 14,974,830 weed seeds that germinated in one year on a single acre. In addition many more viable seeds were still lying in the soil awaiting the right conditions to germinate. In a check of 124 seed samples of cereal grains received for purity at the South Dakota State College Agronomy Seed Laboratory, it was found that there were an average of 611 weed seeds in each pound of cereal grain. This amount of weed seed added to that already shown to be in the soil definitely does not indicate good weed control.

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