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The origin of the Future Farmers of America in South Dakota did not occur by chance. Instead, it grew from the desires and needs of farm and ranch boys enrolled in vocational agriculture in South Dakota high schools. Numerous vocational agriculture departments in the state had agriculture clubs preceding the organization of the F.F.A. in South Dakota. Many of them were planning and carrying to completion various activities now common to the F.F.A. in this state. However, these clubs lacked a coordinating agency such as a state association operated by and for representatives from their own group. W.P. Beard, state supervisor of agricultural education and teachers of vocational agriculture, as well as others identified with vocational agriculture in South Dakota high schools, saw this need and furnished the guidance and instruction necessary to organize and activate the South Dakota Association. It is the purpose of this study to assemble and present to the reader pertinent facts in authentic form, appertaining to the development of Future Farmers of America in South Dakota. This investigation covers the first fifteen years of the life of the association plus a brief account of the early beginnings of agricultural student groups prior to the time of the development of F.F.A. in other states and consequently the origin and growth of the future farmer movement in the nation.

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