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The repercussions of war upon the 4-year accredited high schools of South Dakota during the period from October, 1941, to October 1943, have been numerous and intense. There have been considerable discussion concerning the effects of the war upon the schools, many articles have been written on the subject, and some surveys over the United States as a whole have been made. In SOuth Dakota it appears that there is a definite shortage of qualified educational instructors to teach the physical sciences and coach athletics. Many schools are operating with only one male faculty member, the superintendent. Some schools are operating with a faculty consisting entirely of women. Schools have had to resort to hiring local housewives or others who have have been granted emergency certification from the state department. Considerable altering of subjects, changing of schedules, and other methods are being used on order to keep the schools in operation. By a study of the changes in teacher and pupil personnel, changes in curriculum and selection of subjects by pupils, and methods used to keep the schools in operation , the writer undertook to bring out points of value to those interested in the welfare of education and the public schools of South Dakota.

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