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What happens to our high-school graduates educationally, and how well are the needs of the 1948-49 high-school graduates being met should be of special interest to college administrators, teachers and public school personnel, and of general interest to the public. This study provides certain fundamental information upon which judgments can be based but does not profess to give the solution or answer to how certain problems are being met. That which constitutes an adequate program of higher education varies according to different viewpoints and philosophies. If one takes the position that all students with better than average scholastic aptitude should attend college, it is evident that the present South Dakota situation is inadequate. If all students of a given ability or aptitude should have equality of opportunity to attend college, regardless of their place of residence ( urban, small town and rural), again the present South Dakota situation is inadequate. The problem, stated specifically, is to investigate the post-high-school educational activities of South Dakota high school graduates of the school year 1948-49 with reference to:

a. Size of school from which the student was graduated.

b. Comparison of college-town end non-college town institutions.

c. Place of residence (urban, small town and rural) as

a factor in attendance of high-school graduates at post-high school

educational institutions.

d. Sex as a factor in attendance of high-school graduates at post-high-school educational institutions.

e. College aptitude as measured by the 1946 American Council on Educational Psychological Examination, administered during the school year 1948-49 in relation to attendance at post-high school institutions.

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