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The writers had in mind the modification of the present science curriculum in the Watertown High School. In doing this, they sought the answers to the following questions: Can physics and chemistry be fused into a one-year course for pupils who do not enroll in the conventional physics and chemistry classes? Will such a course be feasible and workable? What content will be included? How will it be taught? How will the laboratory work be handled? Can it be adapted to the interests and ability levels of the pupils? Will the achievement of the pupils in this fused course be comparable to the achievement of the pupils in the other physical science courses? In attempting to find the answers to· these questions, a review of the work which had already been done along the line of fusing physics and chemistry was made. Objectives for science teaching in high school were sought. An outline of content for the fused physics and chemistry course was developed and revised. The course was taught by the writers, each having a section, for a period of one year, and the achievement of the pupils in the fused course compared to those in the conventional physics and chemistry classes. The detailed procedure for these are to be found in the following sections of this study.

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