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The men who receive the American Farmer Degree are outstanding in high school, and at least up to the time that they are awarded this honor, which is conferred upon them after they complete secondary school. In this study the writer wishes to find out if they are still outstanding. The following questions are also discussed: are they contributing to leadership; are they adjusted in an occupation; are they working in agriculture; and what progress have they made in their field? Information was gathered by means of a questionnaire which asked these men to state how vocational agriculture had influenced or helped them in selecting and entering their occupation. It is expected that this study can serve as a measure in evaluating the F.F.A. Vocational agricultural teachers can better understand the need or making their courses practical and usable on the farms and ranches of their communities then they realize that a big majority of their students are likely to be farmers or in related occupations. Macy industrial and commercial organizations are rallying to promote and support the F.F.A. It is well that stock be taken of this organization to assure that it will continue to be effective as an independent agency that aids its members contributes to the cause or better agriculture.

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