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Dehiscence is the process of splitting-open which id found in certain dry fruits, sporangia, and other containers. These dry fruits cane be classified into two main groups, vis., those composed of a single carpel and those made up up of several carpels united to form a compound pistil. It is the former with which we deal in this thesis, The former group can be further subdivided into fruits which dehisce down one side and those which open on opposite sides. The follicle includes the fruits which generally split down both the dorsal and ventral sides. If one speaks of a capsule splitting he considers the terms loculicidal and septicidal. Loculicidal splitting in the capsule may correspond with the dorsal splitting in the legume. The split occurs not at the fusion line of adjacent carpels, but in the dorsal side of each carpel and directly into the locule. Septicidal dehiscence is the splitting through partitions which have been formed by the fusion of several carpels. Such splitting divides a capsule into its component carpels and each individual carpel may then open by a ventral split corresponding to that of the legume. The third type of dehiscence is circumsscissile, or by means of a circular split.

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